John D Bengtson






2010. Linguistic Fossils: Studies in Historical Linguistics and Paleolinguistics. (Languages in Time and Space, vol. 5. Chief Editor: Cindy Drover-Davidson.) Calgary: Octavia & Co. Press.


On Fossil Dinosaurs and Fossil Words
Global Etymologies Involving Six Macro-families
The “Greater Austric” Hypothesis
The Problem of “Isolates” I: Basque
A Genetic Comparison of Basque and Caucasian Vocabulary
The Problem of “Isolates” II: Burushaski
Basque and Caucasian Words for ‘Blue ~ Iron’
Genetic and Cultural Links between Burushaski, Caucasian, and Basque
Basque Phonology in the Light of the Dene-Caucasian Hypothesis
On the Position of Haida
Lateral Affricates in Na-Dene


2008 (Ed.). In Hot Pursuit of Language in Prehistory: Essays in the four fields of anthropology in honor of Harold Crane Fleming. Amsterdam / Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Co.



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2013 0 2 3 a c b E I J l n S v
  • Comments on "Evidence for Basque as an Indo-European Language" by Gianfranco Forni. Journal of Indo-European Studies 41.1/2 (in press).

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2012 E 0 l I J 2 S v 3 b ae c n
  • (with Václav Blažek) Comments on Ilija Čašule's "Correlation of the Burushaski Pronominal System with Indo-European and Phonological and Grammatical Evidence for a Genetic Relationship". Journal of Indo-European Studies 40.1/2: 156-161.

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2011 c ae b n J I a v S l 0 E 2
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2010 n I ae J S a 2 l E 0 b v 3
  • "Dene-Yeniseian" and the Rest of Dene-Caucasian: Part 3: The Burusho-Yeniseian (Karasuk) Hypothesis; Part 4: Burusho-Dene. In Working Papers in Athabaskan Languages (Alaska Native Language Center Working Papers No. 8), ed. by Siri Tuttle & Justin Spence, pp. 1-18. Fairbanks: Alaska Native Language Center.

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2009 E 0 l I J 2 S v 3 b ae c n
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  • Basque and the Other Mediterranean Languages. Mother Tongue 14: 157-175.

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2008 c ae b n J I a v S l 0 E 2
  • The Languages of Northern Eurasia: Inference to the Best Explanation [In my (edited) book In Hot Pursuit of Language in Prehistory, pp. 241-262].

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2007 n I ae J S a 2 l E 0 b v 3
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  • Linguistic Hypotheses and Their Development. Mother Tongue (Journal) 12: 237-239.

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2006 0 2 3 a c b E I J l n S v
  • A Multilateral Look at Greater Austric. Mother Tongue (Journal) 11: 219-258

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2005 2 3 a ae c b E I J l n S v
  • Some features of Dene-Caucasian phonology (with special reference to Basque). Cahiers de l’Institut de Linguistique de Louvain (CILL) 30.4: 33-54.

  • (with Václav Blažek)* Obituary of Sergei Anatolyevich Starostin (1953-2005). Journal of Indo-European Studies 33.3/4: 307-314.

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2003 E l I J a 2 S v 3 b ae c n
  • Notes on Basque Comparative Phonology. Mother Tongue 8: 21-39.

  • Linguistic Databases and Linguistic Taxonomy Workshop. Mother Tongue 8: 131-132.

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2002 c ae n J I 3 a v S l 0 E 2
  • Dene-Caucasian *X(w)owHV 'mouth ~ tooth'. In Languages and their Speakers in Ancient Eurasia, ed. by V. Shevoroshkin & P. Sidwell, pp. 51-53. Canberra: Association for the History of Language.

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2001 n I ae S a 2 c l E 0 b v 3
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2000 0 2 3 a c b E I J l n S v
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1999 E 0 l I J 2 S v 3 b ae c n
  • A comparison of Basque and (North) Caucasian basic vocabulary, Mother Tongue 5 (December): 41-57; Response to discussants: 99-107.

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1998 c ae b n J I a v S l 0 E 2
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1996 0 2 3 a ae c b E J l n S v
  • Correspondences of Basque and Caucasic final vowels -i/-e/-u/-o, Fontes Linguae Vasconum 71: 7-15.

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1995 E 0 l I J a 2 S v b ae c n
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